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DeCarlo Oils & Olives & Marinated Vegetables

From the fascinating landscape of the Puglia region of Italy, the DeCarlo family’s long tradition of the cultivation of olives and production of olive oil dates as far back as the 1600’s. Their recipe has been kept a secret, handed down from generation to generation, in order to produce their “precious” extra virgin olive oil. The antique stone mill is vital for their production of “stone ground” olive oil, which has won both national and international recognition.

The DeCarlo family has also created a line of vegetables preserved in their extra virgin olive oil including the sweet and delicate sun-kissed Pomodorini and grilled artichokes.

  • Available Items & Sizes:
    • Arcamone Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500 ml
    • Torre di Mossa – 500 ml
      “Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World” Flos Olei 2013
    • Black Olive Spread – 100 gr
    • Red Passion Tomato Spread – 100 gr
    • Cerignola Olives – 580 gr, 3.1 kg
    • Grilled Artichokes – 310 gr
    • Rosate di Bitetto Olives – 310 gr, 3.1 kg
    • Sun-kissed Cherry Tomatoes – 190 gr, 1 kg

    Private label is also available.